Musings On Blogging

Who gets to blog?

Well, to quote who-ever is behind 'Proceed at Your Own Risk': "...the blogosphere is plagued by endless copycat blogs, self-absorbed children who blog about nothing and gay men who confuse computer ownership with wit and intelligence...".

Sounds bitter and petty to me.

On the other hand, Robert Genn, from 'Painters Keys' writes: "...We now have the potential to connect our images, sounds and written words to every being on planet earth. This democratization cuts across all traditional lines--nation, religion, race, language and gender. Theoretically, it gives equal opportunity to all. For those who have a passion, wish a broader education, want to be part of something greater, or merely need to proclaim their presence.... A new blog floats into the blogosphere every second, a new idea every nanosecond. Without even getting into your flivver, you can now see what others in the Great Electronic Art Club have done in the last half hour..."

Isn't that what it is all about?

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